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Can't run OSD addon job because of too many S3 buckets


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    • OSD addon is now deprecated and EOL

      Every OSD cluster is having its backup. It can result in many S3 buckets being created and it can block the OSD provisioning at all. We need to come with a way how to clean that.

      This issue is recognized by going to job Artifacts, artifact folder, file install-log.txt:

      msg="Error: Error creating S3 bucket: TooManyBuckets: You have attempted to create more buckets than allowed"

      Gathered info:

      • Backups are created regularly shorty after the OSD cluster is created.
      • There is a cleanup script for removing artifacts from given AWS account use for ROSA - can be reused for our purpose: https://github.com/openshift/osde2e/blob/main/scripts/clean-up-rosa.sh
      • rh-sd-jsica also advised:

        With addons we have the ability to specify an ADDON_CLEANUP_HARNESSES which runs after your tests. So you could have a separate (or the same) container that runs and could handle the cleanup.

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