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Failed to start debug session for the "JavaSpringBoot" devfile


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      • OCP 4.5
      • deployed by operatorhub
      • server-rhel8@sha256:63bf304cd04576048012693e7e8544a5a703790f99551554a75798bc799b112b
      • devfileregistry-rhel8@sha256:0df053199810afac3e8858bab1b8d694758506475398b90783b5e53b2f26fcd5
      • pluginregistry-rhel8@sha256:ddf32cb8058e28afc4b0491a9f0e3a0a3188815f8170e83a641e30aadefe58db

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Go to the dashboard and create workspace using the "JavaSpringBoot" devfile
      • Go inside created workspace and open "spring-boot-http-booster/src/main/java/dev/snowdrop/example/service/ExampleApplication.java" file
      • Wait until java LS is initialized
      • Run the "1. Build" predefined command and wait for success
      • Run the "3. Run in debug mode" command and open deployed application
      • Set breakpoints on the 27 and 32 rows of the "spring-boot-http-booster/src/main/java/dev/snowdrop/example/service/ExampleApplication.java" file
      • Open debug panel
      • Run the "Debug (Attach) - Remote" configuration
      • Pay attention to the error notification

      Expected behavior:

      • Debug session is started

      Observed behavior:

      • Error message is shown and debug session failed to start

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