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Gather bootstrap support


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    • OCPSTRAT-1027 - Remove Terraform from OpenShift Installer. Cross-platform preparation work
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      User Story:

      As a CAPI install user, I want to be able to:

      • gather bootstrap logs
        • automatically after bootstrap failure during install
        • when running `gather bootstrap` command

      so that I can achieve

      • Outcome 1
      • Outcome 2
      • Outcome 3

      Acceptance Criteria:

      Description of criteria:

      • Define CAPI provider interface for grabbing IP addresses
      • Handle loading manifests from disk
      • Confirm that IP addresses are specified in manifests
      • Point 3

      (optional) Out of Scope:

      This is intended to be platform agnostic. If there is a common way for obtaining ip addresses from capi manifests, this should be sufficient. Otherwise, this should enable other platforms to implement their specific logic.

      Engineering Details:

      This requires/does not require a design proposal.
      This requires/does not require a feature gate.

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