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Write CAPI manifests to disk during create manifests


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    • OCPSTRAT-1027 - Remove Terraform from OpenShift Installer. Cross-platform preparation work
    • Sprint 248, Sprint 249, Sprint 250

      Write CAPI manifests to disk during create manifests so that they can be user edited and users can also provide their own set of manifests. In general, we think of manifests as an escape hatch that should be used when a feature is missing from the install config, and users accept the degraded user experience of editing manifests in order to achieve non-install-config-supported functionality.

      Acceptance criteria:

      Manifests should be generated correctly (and applied correctly to the control plane):

      • when create manifests is run before create cluster
      • only when create cluster is run


      There is some WIP for this, but there are issues with the serialization/deserialization flow when writing the GVK in the manifests.

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