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Azure: remove storage account with bootstrap destroy


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      User Story:

      I would like for the Azure storage account to be destroyed as part of the bootstrap destroy process, so that the storage account is not persisted for the life of the cluster which incurs costs and other management effort.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      Description of criteria:

      • Goal: storage account is destroyed with other bootstrap resources

      Engineering Details:

      • The storage account holds three different (types) of resources:
        • boot diagnostic logs - we can get rid of these by using a managed storage account
        • bootstrap ignition - used to create the bootstrap vm, is already destroyed as part of bootstrap destroy
        • RHCOS VHD - used to create a VM image version
      • The main effort for this story will be to figure out how to create the gallery image (using the VHD in the storage account) before the bootstrap stage, but delete the storage account (and VHD) along with the other bootstrap resources


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