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Migration from PatternFly 4 -> PatternFly 5



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    • HAC Infra OCP - Sprint 245


      Patternfly is releasing the new PF5 version. Due to the new version we should bump the version in console to identify any issues related to the new version, particularly:

      • Will OCP console implement support for plugins to bring their own PF v4?
      • Would a plugin built to bring its own PF v4 work with older OCP versions, or will we need to deliver a slightly different build for older OCP versions?

      Acceptance criteria (needs refinement)

      • test that a dynamic plugin with pf4 works when console updates to pf5
      • how would we guarantee that we use a single version of pf4 for all un upgraded plugins
        • is this possible through webpack make a single version of pf4 as a shared module
        • check on how many plugins real customers have from telemetry (christoff)
        • plugins shouldn't use a newer version in v5 than the console
        • can we use a single pf v4 and single pf v5
        • acm plugin supports current version -2 and +1 for their operator. what is the formula for plugins to bring their own plugin versions? vszocs@redhat.com 
        • bring on other plugin teams like cnv/acm. jhadvig@redhat.com to add to this poc



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