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Console core package: Convert FireMan component in list-page.tsx from class component to functional component


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    • HAC Infra OCP - Sprint 240

      One of the steps of the migration strategy is start using the v6 API for components that are passed to the `CompatRoute` component, based on the [migration strategy guide|https://github.com/remix-run/react-router/discussions/8753.]. This route now has both v5 and v6 routing contexts, so we can start migrating component code to v6.

      If the component is a class component, you'll need to convert it to a function component first so that you can use hooks.

      The FireMan component in /frontend/public/components/factory/list-page.tsx needs to use the v6 useParams and useLocation hooks, which requires it to be converted from a class component to a functional component. 

      AC: FireMan component in list-page.tsx is rewritten from class component to functional component. 

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