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Dynamic Demo Plugin: Add dashboard card with chart using QueryBrowser component


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    • HAC Infra OCP - Sprint 243

      Since `QueryBrowser` component was exposed in the console-dynamic-plugin-sdk we should showcase its usage.

      One of the use cases should be to render a chart, using the `QueryBrowser` component, in a dashboard card. For the we would use the console.dashboard/card console extension.


      • Update the dynamic-demo-plugin with the `console.dashboard/card` extension, where the QueryBrowser component will be used to render a chart. Part of the story is also to find a simple query that the `QueryBrowser` component will be fed with.
      • Add cypress test for the chart.

            rh-ee-mziska Marek Ziska
            jhadvig@redhat.com Jakub Hadvig
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