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Add missing ts-doc for dynamic plugin SDK components


    • HAC Infra - Sprint 220, HAC Infra - Sprint 221

      This story only covers API components. We will create a separate story for other utility functions.

      Today we are generating documentation for Console's Dynamic Plugin SDK in
      frontend/packages/dynamic-plugin-sdk. We are missing ts-doc for a set of hooks and components.

      We are generating the markdown from the dynamic-plugin-sdk using

      yarn generate-doc

      Here is the list of the API that the dynamic-plugin-sdk is exposing:


      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Add missing jsdocs for the API that dynamic-plugin-sdk exposes

      Out of Scope:

      • This does not include work for integrating the API docs into the OpenShift docs
      • This does not cover other public utilities, only components.

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