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Promote ConsolePlugins API version to v1


    • HAC Infra - Sprint 222, HAC Infra - Sprint 224, HAC Infra - Sprint 225

      Currently the ConsolePlugins API version is v1alpha1. Since we are going GA with dynamic plugins we should be creating a v1 version.

      This would require updates in following repositories:

      1. openshift/api (add the v1 version and generate a new CRD)
      2. openshift/client-go (picku the changes in the openshift/api repo and generate clients & informers for the new v1 version)
      3. openshift/console-operator repository will using both the new v1 version and v1alpha1 in code and manifests folder.


      • both v1 and v1alpha1 ConsolePlugins should be passed to the console-config.yaml when the plugins are enabled and present on the cluster.


      NOTE: This story does not include the conversion webhook change which will be created as a follow on story

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            jhadvig@redhat.com Jakub Hadvig
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