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Reporting errors for plugins that don't load in the notification drawer


    • HAC Infra - Sprint 220

      Currently, enabled plugins can fail to load for a variety of reasons. For instance, plugins don't load if the plugin name in the manifest doesn't match the ConsolePlugin name or the plugin has an invalid codeRef. There is no indication in the UI that something has gone wrong. We should explore ways to report this problem in the UI to cluster admins. Depending on the nature of the issue, an admin might be able to resolve the issue or at least report a bug against the plugin.

      The message about failing could appear in the notification drawer and/or console plugins tab on the operator config. We could also explore creating an alert if a plugin is failing.



      • Add notification into the Notification Drawer in case a Dynamic Plugin will error out during load.
      • Render these errors in the status card, notification section, as well.
      • For each failed plugin we should create a separate notification.

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