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Add support for using dynamic extensions in static plugins


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    • OCPPLAN-8029 - Console: Dynamic Plugin Framework
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    • Console - Sprint 193

      Console static plugins, maintained as part of the frontend monorepo, currently use static extension types (packages/console-plugin-sdk/src/typings) which directly reference various kinds of objects, including React components and arbitrary functions.

      To ease the long-term transition from static to dynamic plugins, we should support a use case where an existing static plugin goes through the following stages:

      1. use static extensions only (we are here)
      2. use both static and dynamic extensions
      3. use dynamic extensions only (ideal target for 4.7)

      Once a static plugin reaches the "use dynamic extensions only" stage, its maintainers can move it out of the Console monorepo - the plugin becomes dynamic, shipped via the corresponding operator and loaded by Console app at runtime.

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