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Hypershift/KubeVirt WebHook Validation


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    • OCPSTRAT-875 - Consolidated Post-GA OpenShift Virt Provider Enhancements
    • OCPSTRAT-875Consolidated Post-GA OpenShift Virt Provider Enhancements
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      2023-11-20: done...

      2023-11-20: done...
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      The goal of this epic is to introduce a validating webhook for the KubeVirt platform that executes the HostedCluster and NodePool validation at admission time. 

      One important note here is that the core Hypershift team has a requirement that all validation logic must be within the controller loop. This does not exclude the usage of a validation webhook, it merely means that if we introduce a validating webhook that it cannot replace the controller validation.

      That means this task will involve abstracting our validation logic in a way that both the controller and our validating webhook share the same logic.

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      User Stories

      • As a user creating HCPs with the KubeVirt platform, i want to discover validation errors at creation time rather than through a condition on the HostedCluster and NodePool objects after creation.



      • Any additional details or decisions made/needed

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