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design unsupported escape hatch mechanism custom HS/KV vms configuration


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      CNV QE, field engineers, and developers often need to test hypershift kubevirt in a way that isn't officially supported yet, and this often involves needing to modify the kubevirt VM's spec to enable some sort of feature, add an interface/volume, or something else along those lines.


      We need to design a mechanism that works as an escape hatch to allow these sorts of unsupported modifications to be experimented with easily. This mechanism should not be a part of the official Hypershift APIs, but instead something that people can influence via an annotation or similar means.


      It's likely this feature will serve as a way for us to grant temporary support exceptions to customers as well. 


      This can be achieved using an annotation with a json patch in it. Below is an example of how such a json patch might be placed on a NodePool to influence the VMs generated by the NodePool to have a secondary interface. 



      apiVersion: hypershift.openshift.io/v1beta1
      kind: NodePool
          hypershift.openshift.io/kubevirt-vm-jsonpatch: |-
                "op": "add",
                "path": "/spec/template/spec/networks",
                "value": {"name": secondary, multus: networkName: mynetwork}
                "op": "add",
                "path": "/spec/template/spec/domain/devices/interfaces",
                "value": {"name": secondary, bridge: {}}


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