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JBoss EAP 7.4.6 JDK 11 images are missing keycloak configuration


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    • EAP74 7.4.6.GA
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      After upgrading to JBoss EAP 7.4.6 OpenShift images, the /opt/eap/bin/launch/launch-config.sh misses the keycloak entry:

      sh-4.4$ cat ../version.txt 
      Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform - Version 7.4.6.GA
      sh-4.4$ cat /opt/eap/bin/launch/launch-config.sh
      # Centralised configuration file to set variables that affect the launch scripts in wildfly-cekit-modules.
      # Scripts that modify the configuration. Either via xml marker replacement or via CLI commands.
      # wildfly-cekit-modules will look for each of the listed files and run them if they exist.
        # Keep this order, jgroups.sh before ha.sh. jgroups.sh is the script which initializes the protocol list store
        # used to share changes in the protocol list when a protocol is added either by ha.sh or by jgroups.sh.
        # This protocol store is just a set of files under temporal directory. We need them to be able to share changes
        # done by the ha.sh and jgroups.sh routines which are executed in subshells
      # The server configuration file to use. If not set, wildfly-cekit-modules defaults to standalone.xml.
      # For EAP we want standalone-openshift.xml
      # The configuration adjustment mode. For EAP we want both xml marker replacement and CLI commands.
      # Notice that the value of this variable must be aligned with the value configured in assemble
      export CONFIG_ADJUSTMENT_MODE="xml_cli"

      As a result, keycloak configuration doesn't happen, and the deployment of an application fails with "UT010039: Unknown authentication mechanism KEYCLOAK".

      The $JBOSS_HOME/bin/launch/keycloak.sh script itself is still present.

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