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Upgrade Jolokia to 1.7.1


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      I'm investigating a Fuse issue https://issues.redhat.com/browse/ENTESB-18355.
      There is a problem with jdk11 image, caused by Jolokia, which is fixed as https://github.com/rhuss/jolokia/issues/438.
      Fixed version is 1.6.3 (or higher).
      Issue could be reproduced with docker:

      1. Run image fuse7/fuse-eap-openshift-jdk11-rhel8 with exposed port 8778 (for example "docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -p 9990:9990 -p:8778:8778 registry.redhat.io/fuse7/fuse-eap-openshift-jdk11-rhel8"
      2. Get jolokia auth information by running "docker exec #container_id cat /opt/jolokia/etc/jolokia.properties"
      3. Access using credentials from above. (curl should work, but it didn't show any response in my case, so I used browser)

      You will see following error:

      {"request":{"mbean":"java.lang:type=Runtime","type":"read"},"stacktrace":"java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Boot class path mechanism is not supported\n\

      Jolokia jar is present on eap-image at


      and version is 1.6.2.redhat-00002

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