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[JDG] Possibility to change the default cache_container name


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    • Affects Version/s: JDG71 1.3.0.GA
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    • Component/s: JDG7
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      Customer is migrating their JDG cluster to OpenShift and faced an issue while adding their own cache-container to the clustered-openshift.xml file.

      The problem is, the Python health check is heart beating the default clustered cache container, this way the pod is never healthy, leading to errors in their events:

      "Unhealthy | Readiness probe failed: { "probe.eap.dmr.EapProbe": { "probe.eap.dmr.ServerStatusTest": "running", "probe.eap.dmr.DeploymentTest": "No deployments",… "
      /opt/datagrid/bin/readinessProbe.sh | livenessProbe.sh
      ----> /opt/datagrid/bin/probes/probe/jdg/jolokia.py
      class CacheStatusTest(Test):
          Checks the cache statuses.
          def __init__(self):
              super(CacheStatusTest, self).__init__(
                      "type": "read",
                      "attribute": "cacheStatus",
                      "mbean": "jboss.datagrid-infinispan:type=Cache,name=*,manager=\"clustered\",component=Cache"

      So the suggestion here is to add a new deployment environment variable to specify the cache-container name. Also, the customer is trying to add more than one cache-container}}s. In scenarios like this the health check supposed to ping each {{cache-container.

      To reproduce this issue, just start a new app on OCP with a cache-container with different name:

      oc new-app --name=datagrid-app --template=datagrid71-basic \
      -p APPLICATION_NAME=datagrid-app 
      oc new-build --binary=true \
      --image-stream=jboss-datagrid71-openshift:1.3  \
      --name=datagrid-app -l app=datagrid-app
      oc start-build datagrid-app --from-dir=. --follow
      oc set triggers dc/datagrid-app --from-image=jboss-datagrid71-openshift:1.3 --remove
      oc set triggers dc/datagrid-app --from-image=datagrid-app:latest -c datagrid-app

      The xml:

      <cache-container name="bananas" default-cache="my-super-cache" statistics="true">

      If the image is supposed to work like that (no updates on cache-container name), a documentation note regarding this behavior could be add at the docs. Just let me know and I open a JIRA for them.

      Many thanks!

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