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[EAP] liveness probe fails with PROBE_DISABLE_BOOT_ERRORS_CHECK


    • CLOUD Maintenance Sprint 17

      Having "broken" deployment with PROBE_DISABLE_BOOT_ERRORS_CHECK set to "true" leads to weird liveness probe error in the DeploymenTest:

      2018-04-09 14:33:32,206 INFO [probe.eap.dmr.EapProbe] Executing test probe.eap.dmr.DeploymentTest
      2018-04-09 14:33:32,206 DEBUG [probe.eap.dmr.EapProbe] Test input = {
          "outcome": "success",
          "result": [
                  "address": [
                          "deployment": "activemq-rar.rar"
                  "outcome": "success",
                  "result": "OK"
                  "address": [
                          "deployment": "ROOT.war"
                  "outcome": "success",
                  "result": "FAILED"
      2018-04-09 14:33:32,206 ERROR [probe.eap.dmr.EapProbe] Unexpected failure running test probe.eap.dmr.DeploymentTest
      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "/opt/eap/bin/probes/probe/api.py", line 126, in execute
          (state, messages) = test.evaluate(testResults)
        File "/opt/eap/bin/probes/probe/eap/dmr.py", line 147, in evaluate
          return (min(status), messages)
        File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/enum/__init__.py", line 709, in __lt__
          raise TypeError("unorderable types: %s() < %s()" % (self.__class__.__name__, other.__class__.__name__))
      TypeError: unorderable types: Status() < Status()
      2018-04-09 14:33:32,206 INFO [__main__.ProbeRunner] Probe probe.eap.dmr.EapProbe returned statuses [READY, FAILURE]
      2018-04-09 14:33:32,206 DEBUG [__main__.ProbeRunner] Probe probe.eap.dmr.EapProbe returned messages {
          "probe.eap.dmr.ServerStatusTest": "running",
          "probe.eap.dmr.DeploymentTest": "Exception executing test: unorderable types: Status() < Status()",
          "probe.eap.dmr.BootErrorsTest": "Boot errors check is disabled"

      If I understand it correctly the deployment problem should be ignored with PROBE_DISABLE_BOOT_ERRORS_CHECK right? And not to retry probes...

            rcernich1 Rob Cernich
            tremes1@redhat.com Tomas Remes
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