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    • OCPSTRAT-765 - [Dev Preview] OC mirror multiple internet disconnected enclaves - MVP
    • CFE Sprint 245


      • cache-dir: path to the folder containing docker/v2/repositories.. and that can be used by the local cache (local registry) of oc-mirror
      • working-dir: path to the folder containing custom resources (IDMS, ITMS, catalogSource, etc), history metadata, archives, some catalog and release manifests .

      AS the admin of several clusters of my company, with several enclaves involved,
      WHEN doing MirrorToDisk for several enclaves
      I would like to be able to reuse the cache-dir of my main environement (entreprise level) for all enclaves,
      AND use a separate working-dir for each enclave
      SO THAT I can gain in storage volume and in performance, while preserving a separate context for each enclave


            skhoury@redhat.com Sherine Khoury
            skhoury@redhat.com Sherine Khoury
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