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As a user I want to be able to use oc-mirror cli in both partial and fully disconnected install scenarios so that I can mirror all images according to the requirements for enclave support


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    • OCPSTRAT-765 - [Dev Preview] OC mirror multiple internet disconnected enclaves - MVP
    • CFE Sprint 240, CFE Sprint 241, CFE Sprint 242
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      • Acceptance Criteria
        • All unit tests pass (80% coverage)
        • Documentation approved by docs team
        • All tests QE approved 
        • Well documented README/HOWTO/OpenShift documentation
      • Tasks
        • Implement V2 versioning as discussed in the EP document
        • Update cli to switch to v2 and use new cli parameters
        • Hide the logs of the local storage registry in a different file
        • Add a flag to the CLI to choose the port for the local storage registry
        • Implement code for new  cli  (Executor) and relevant flags
        • Implement unit tests

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