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Update Enhancement Proposal for making the User Defined AWS Tags feature GA


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    • OCPPLAN-8154 - Apply user defined tags to all resources created by OpenShift (AWS)
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    • CFE Sprint 212, CFE Sprint 213, CFE Sprint 214, CFE Sprint 215, CFE Sprint 216

      RFE-2012 and the subsequent implementation allowed users to specify tags for AWS resources which were provisioned for the cluster during install time and also tags for controller which provision resources on-the-fly. However these tags cannot be updated once the cluster is installed. So before this feature goes GA we have to propose a new RFE which addresses the limitations from the previous implementation.

      The RFE should address the following issues:

      1. Where the user defined tags are stored and how they can be updated by the user along with validation of the new values.
      2. How operators can watch and consume these values, so that the AWS resources they provision have the same tags. Also updates to existing provisioned resources.
      3. How to deal with installer provisioned resources which are not managed by any operator. There are several options here which need to be investigated.
      4. How End2End tests are able to ensure the functionality of updating tags (aws cli, aws api, events, crd status?)

      document to update: https://github.com/openshift/enhancements/blob/master/enhancements/api-review/custom-tags-aws.md

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