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add a bean-discovery-mode 'scoped'


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      This is for some future CDI release.

      We currently only have 3 bean-discovery-modes

      • none
      • all
      • annotated

      The spec also currently says that ProcessAnnotatedType will only get fired (12.4) for
      • each Java class, interface or enum deployed in an explicit bean archive, and
      • each Java class with a bean defining annotation in an implicit bean archive.
      • each session bean

      Which means that we do not get the ProcessAnnotatedType (PAT) event for any class in an 'annotated' or 'implicit' BDA which does not have a bean defining annotation.

      It might be useful to fire the ProcessAnnotatedType for all classes, but do not pick them up as Beans if they (after PAT) do not have a valid scope. Effectively doing the processing but not make them @Dependent automatically if there is no scope annotation at the end of the PAT processing.

      I'm not yet 100% sure how important this distinction is in practice. Just writing this up to not forget about the idea...

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