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NormalScoped Bean<T> should all be forced to implement PassivationCapable


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      When serializing a Contextual Reference of a CDI bean, we need to transport over it's proxy. This proxy internally need to serialize it's Bean<T>. But this is only really possible if the Bean implements PassivationCapable. Any attempt to use the type + qualifier is doomed to fail, as this still leaves room for clashes. E.g. if an Extension registers multiple Bean<T> with Object.class and @Default qualifier but a different name (kind of Spring XML style).

      6.6.2 comes most close to this requirement, though it doesn't really define that all NormalScoped beans really need to implement PassivationCapable. At least it seems to point into the right direction - but it's nowhere near a clear definition.

      We should force Containers to check whether Bean<T> which serve a NormalScoped scope do implement PassivationCapable.

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