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Update repo documentation for Azure workload identity


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      The cloud-credential-operator repository documentation can be updated for installing and/or migrating a cluster with Azure workload identity integration.

      • The document currently uses manually numbered lists, which creates more work when we want to add/remove steps. Migrating the document to use dynamically numbered lists where each number is (1.) will remove this extra work in future changes. 
      • During installation, we can take advantage of the new(ish) --included parameter in the `oc adm extract release-images` command by creating an install-config prior to executing the command.
      • During migration, we can take advantage of the new(ish) `reboot-machine-config-pool` sub-command of `oc adm` to restart all of the pods on a cluster to reduce the risks. The sub-command restarts each node in series resulting in highly available services being restarted one pod at a time.

            jstuever@redhat.com Jeremiah Stuever
            jstuever@redhat.com Jeremiah Stuever
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