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Improve docs pertaining to Task Inbox




      The human task capabilities of jbpm / RH-PAM are extensive and  [innovative new features|https://blog.kie.org/2019/10/introducing-jbpms-human-task-recommendation-api.html]   continue to be added.    RH-PAM product docs seem not to fully represent all of these human task related capabilities.


      Task Inbox functionality via Business Central is fairly comparable to some of our competitor's offerings.  Oracle provides this documentation to highlight its task inbox features.  The documentation is intuitive.  Camunda's task inbox docs are even better.  In contrast, equivalent  RH-PAM documentation (sections 2 and 3) is not nearly as intuitive:   for one, it lacks screen shots.

      Beyond the lack of screen shots, the RH-PAM task inbox docs are :

        1)  incomplete:  there are other task inbox functions that are available in BC that are not even mentioned in the docs.

        2)  tailored toward the most helloworld of scenarios


      Subsequently, its difficult to imagine who this existing documentation on task inbox would be useful for.  I (as an SA) can not refer a potential new customer to this documentation.  I (previously as a long time RHT consultant) would not refer an existing customer to this documentation.


      My recommendation for improving this task inbox documentation is to manage this human-intensive workflow specific to this jira using RH-PAM itself and document the steps and lessons learned along the way.  ie: 

      Create a BPMN2 process diagram with a human task.  Assign the task to the documentation team.  What roles are needed ? Set up real-world deadlines and escalations.  Setup real-world notifications.  Customize the task form such that its at least somewhat visually appealing.   Integrate with our real-world Red Hat RH-SSO where our Red Hat kerberos credentials reside.  Deploy to a real kie-server.  At runtime, who from the docs team is going to accomplish the work pertaining to this Jira ?  How were they notified ?  What state is the task in ?  What happens if the task is not completed in time ?  Who received related emails and what did the emails say ?  How could the content of these emails be modified ?   What historical views exist pertaining to the lifecycle of the human task ?






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