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Doc Updates for Upstreaming Shared Resources


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      Spike Story

      We need to find a good upstream home for the Shared Resource CSI Driver. Candidate organizations/projects to host it:

      • Kubernetes SIG-Auth (preferred)
      • Shipwright - as new sub-project

      This is upstream-oriented work aimed at convincing a community to adopt the CSI driver.


      • Review and update openshift/csi-driver-shared-resource docs for the following:
        • Ability for an experienced Kubernetes user to deploy and test on a "vanilla" k8s cluster.
        • Ability to use the Shared Resource APIs (SharedSecret, SharedConfigMap) on a "vanilla" k8s cluster
      • Ensure the security model for the driver can be clearly understood by an experienced Kubernetes user
      • Add an FAQ that highlights how this is different from the following:

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Upstream docs/FAQs for Shared Resources are suitable for consumption by non-Red Hatters.
      • Code + content can be presented to Kubernetes SIG-Auth or other upstream community.

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