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Necessary cluster storage operator change to deploy shared resource operator on hypershift guest cluster


      Story (Required)

      1. As a developer, I want to consume shared Secrets and ConfigMaps in my workloads so that I can have access to shared credentials and configuration from a GA OCP install even on hypershift
      2. As a cluster admin, I want the Insights operator to automatically create a SharedSecret for my cluster's simple content access certificate from a GA OCP install even on hypershift
      3. As a cluster admin/SRE, I want OpenShift to use SharedConfigMaps to distribute cluster certificate authorities so that data is not duplicated in ConfigMaps across my cluster from a GA OCP install even on hypershift

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      Background (Required)








      Currently, looks like we need to merge the driver changes first (they have proven to be benign in non-hypershift) so that we can complete testing in the cluster-storage-operator PR

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      Approach (Required)

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      Acceptance Criteria (Mandatory)

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      INVEST Checklist

      Dependencies identified

      Blockers noted and expected delivery timelines set

      Design is implementable

      Acceptance criteria agreed upon

      Story estimated





      Done Checklist

      • Code is completed, reviewed, documented and checked in
      • Unit and integration test automation have been delivered and running cleanly in continuous integration/staging/canary environment
      • Continuous Delivery pipeline(s) is able to proceed with new code included
      • Customer facing documentation, API docs etc. are produced/updated, reviewed and published
      • Acceptance criteria are met

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