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Investigate reducing permissions for unauthenticated users for apiserver access


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    • Investigate reducing permissions to anonymous user
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    • OCPSTRAT-1378 - Reduced the permissions for anonymous users and groups
    • OCPSTRAT-1378Reduced the permissions for anonymous users and groups
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      RedHat allows following roles for system:anonymous user and system:unauthenticated group: 

      oc get clusterrolebindings -o json | jq '.items[] | select(.subjects[]?.kind

      == "Group" and .subjects[]?.name == "system:unauthenticated") |

      .metadata.name' | uniq

      Returns what unauthenticated users can do, which is the following:







      Customers would like to minimize the allowed permissions to unauthenticated groups and users. 

      Workaround available: Gating the access with policy engines 

      Outcome: Minimize the allowed roles for unauthenticated access 

      Goals of spike:

      1. Investigate impact of disabling the roles listed above for new and existing clusters
      2. Document risks and feasibility 

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