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Make a version attribute (optional) for driver tag instead the current parsed notation



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      <dmlloyd> <driver class="org.foo.Bar" version="1.1"/> where version is optional unless there are more than one version of the same driver deployed
      <maeste> hbraun: it's there if you have more than one version of th driver deployed
      <dmlloyd> and we need a smarter way to detect Driver, DataSource and XADataSource classes in deployments too
      <maeste> dmlloyd: oki it makes sense, but it's just another way to express it as an attribute instead of part of the name. We are not removing it, just writing it more elegant
      <dmlloyd> and making it optional
      <dmlloyd> might even do majorVersion=xs:int, minorVersion=xs:int if you want to be thorough
      <maeste> dmlloyd: yup, make it optional is possible also on current notation. Making it optional is the real work anyway
      <dmlloyd> then you can make minor optional even if major is present
      <maeste> dmlloyd: oki
      <hbraun> maeste: another valuable modification would be a default value if there is only one driver
      <maeste> hbraun: yup, it's what we are doing making it optional
      <hbraun> maeste: great
      <maeste> hbraun: oh you mean the whole driver tag?
      <hbraun> maeste: i think that will simpify things a lot
      <bstansberry> maxandersen: ok good
      <hbraun> maeste: no
      <maeste> hbraun: just version right?
      <hbraun> maeste: i was speking of the version attribute
      <hbraun> maeste: exactly
      <maeste> hbraun: oki so we agree


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