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How to configure Domain Controller(master node) to accept Slave Node of particular Ip address.



      I have Domain of 3 node N1 ,N2,N3.
      Here N1 is master node(domain controller) and N2 and N3 as slave.
      Ip address of N1 is "" , Ip address of N2 is "" and Ip address of N3 is ""
      I want to configure N1 Node such that it will accept slave Node only from Ip address to .

      Means If any node which have Ip "" try to register itself as slave on Master Node N1(, must be rejected .

      Means Master Node N1( can only register slave node which have Ip ( or or .

      Means when i start Cluster ,when i boot master at that time it must be configurable to which range of Ip Address master can register as slave node.

      In "jboss-as-web-7.0.2" I found that any Node can register itself as slave if Ip address Master is provided. This is not acceptable behavior due to security reason.

      I have not found any configuration or mechanism in "jboss-as-web-7.0.2" which restrict slave Node based on Ip address .

      There must be some authentication mechanism between Master Node and Slave Node at the time of registration of slave Node.

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