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DuplicateServiceException when loading different EARs with same embedded WAR name


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    • 7.1.1.Final
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      Caused by: org.jboss.msc.service.DuplicateServiceException: Service jboss.security.jacc."web.war" is already registered

      I have three EARs, all of which have their own application.xml declaring a contained web.war file in DIFFERENT context roots. The contents of web.war in each EAR are different, it's just our packaging standard to put all the servlets for our projects in web.war. This particular server holds three projects that have a web tier. Now, this can change as a work around (I can change the name of the archive), but I was under the impression, after searching, that you COULD have the same WAR name in different EARs as long as their context roots were declared to be different, which in my case, they definitely are. It seems that the name of the archive is being used as a unique identifier when it should not.

      This looks to be an exact duplicate of issue AS7-1281, but it is claimed to be fixed in 7.1.1.Final, but it seems to remain an issue. As a work around, I just renamed the wars in my deployments.

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