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Some non-Arquillian TestCases are run against hard-coded


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      Some TestCases are hard bound to IP address. I think, it is useless - especially testing in IPv6 environment is impossible in this case for a such TestCase(-s).

      These classes aren't in integration testsuite part, it is in other places.

      Some of them are (maybe I've overlooked some others):

      • org.jboss.as.protocol.mgmt.RemoteChannelManagementTestCase
      • org.jboss.as.controller.test.RemoteChannelProxyControllerTestCase
      • org.jboss.as.controller.test.RemoteProxyControllerProtocolTestCase
      • org.jboss.as.controller.ModelControllerClientTestCase
      • org.jboss.as.jmx.JMXSubsystemTestCase
      • org.jboss.as.jmx.ModelControllerMBeanTestCase

      Otherwise these tests are run before IP address transformation (usually used node0 variable and tranforms AS7 config file standalone-*.xml), so maybe there isn't present now any mechanism how to get/propagate proper (and wanted) IP address.

      Also note - some of them are hardcoded to IP name alias localhost - see JBPAPP-8132 for localhost vs. localhost6.

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