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Support remote sockets in interface and socket-binding handling



      Support configs for remote interfaces and socket bindings in the domain model. See referenced dev list thread for a use case, as well as my comment on https://github.com/jbossas/jboss-as/pull/192.

      From the dev list thread:

      Another thing to deal with is interface resolution. With the exception
      of the "<loopback address=""/> criteria Scott added, resolving
      an interface means finding a NIC on the machine that matches the
      criteria. If that can't be done, it's an error condition. To avoid that
      there would need to be some new criteria added (e.g.
      <remote-inet-address value=""/>) or an attribute added to the
      existing inet-address criteria (e.g. <inet-address value=""

      A minor issue relates to changing the configuration of a socket binding.
      Basically, we try and track whether you've used a particular
      SocketBinding service to open a socket; if not we let you change the
      binding config without requiring a server restart or reload. This
      connection-url stuff won't use the SocketBinding service to create a
      socket, so the binding will be editable at runtime with no
      reload/restart required. But there's no dependency relationship between
      the binding and the datasource, so that change is not going to be
      reflected in the datasource. This is just an example of the general
      problem with using system properties as an injection mechanism.

      I don't think this last point is a blocker, it just requires documentation.

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