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Remote JNDI support for AS7


      Add support for remote JNDI after all. It was agreed that:

      • Remote JNDI would run over Remoting
      • Remote JNDI for EJB is strictly a legacy access protocol, deprecated in favor of "ejb:"
      • The Remote JNDI service would proxy to a specific Context of the server JNDI tree - maybe "java:jboss/shared", maybe something else
      • Server-side services would opt-in to Remote JNDI; initially we'd only support:
        • Remote EJB interfaces
        • HornetQ connection factories
      • In the future we may support:
        • User bindings, so long as they're serializable
      • In the future we will never support:
        • Proxied DataSources
        • Proxied JMS invocations

      Initial project tree is at https://github.com/dmlloyd/jboss-remote-jndi for now.

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