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Pick a better name for testable attribute on @Deployment annotation



      @Deployment(testable = false) sends the wrong message for a testing platform and is subject to a wide variety of interpretations. We need a better name for this attribute.

      The purpose of this attribute is to determine if this deployment should be wrapped up based on the protocol so the test case can be executed inside the container.

      I'd be content if we gave it a very explicit name, even if that name wasn't tremendously fluent. Here are some suggestions:

      • transportsTest : Indicates whether this deployment will transport the test as part of the deployment so the it can be executed inside the container
      • testRunner : Indicates whether this deployment is itself a test runner, which by definition means it will be run inside the container
      • providesTestRunner : Mixed mode tests are possible, so this most accurately indicates whether this deployment will provide an additional test runner inside the container
      • hostsTest : Indicates whether the deployment will be a host to the test, so the test can be run inside the container
      • packageWithTest : Indicates whether this deployment will be packaged with the test and deployed to the server; when false, the deployment is left alone (not packaged with test)

      The hard part is that when the test is run in container, the @Deployment archive, the test and the test infrastructure often go into another archive that's the real deployment. So this is more of a directive of how to handle the @Deployment than it is about what role it will serve directly.

      I think that "testRunner" or "providesTestRunner" are the most clear options of the ones listed above.

      We can support this attribute as an alias to maintain backwards compatibility, marking testable as deprecated.

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