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Run tests on different containers, stopping and starting them between tests (with automatic grouping).


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      Tests would have @ContainerInstance("InstanceName").

      As Arquillian would run these tests, it would stop the currently running container and start the other one.

      @TestCase @ContainerInstance("InstanceFoo")
      class TestsToBeRunOnFooTestCase { ... }
      @TestCase @ContainerInstance("InstanceBar")
      class TestsToBeRunOnBarTestCase { ... }
      @TestCase @ContainerInstance("InstanceFoo")
      class TestsToBeRunOnFoo2TestCase { ... }

      With this setup, Arq would:

      • start InstanceFoo
        • run TestsToBeRunOnFooTestCase
        • run TestsToBeRunOnFoo2TestCase
      • stop InstanceFoo
      • start InstanceBar
        • run TestsToBeRunOnBarTestCase
      • stop InstanceBar

      To optimize a bit, Arquillian could order the test to group them by instance name.

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