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Separated per-test and per-container log files.


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      What's the best way to separate server and client log messages?

      Currently, log messages can either go to the console, and Arquillian "forwards" them to Surefire, which causes mixed client and server messages.
      Or, messages can go to the server log file as usually. Which ends up in tens of megabytes long log files.

      So, either arq can log to an arbitrary file, or Surefire could have support for multiple logs.
      The later won't happen any soon I guess Arq just forwards anything to surefire.

      So, let's say I want to have separated log files in surefire-reports dir:

      • org.jboss.FooBarTestCase-client,
      • org.jboss.FooBarTestCase-server1,
      • org.jboss.FooBarTestCase-server2, ...

      This feature is quite important for large testsuites which produce tons of log messages,
      and even more for multi-node tests.

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