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dependencies in manifest.mf ignored when running maven install


      I use following components / versions:

      arquillian-junit-container - 1.0.0.CR6
      jboss - 7.1.0.Beta1
      jboss-as-arquillian-container-remote - 7.1.0.Beta1
      junit - 4.10

      I have folloging testcase:

      public class DatasourceSessionBeanTest {

      public static JavaArchive createTestArchive()

      { JavaArchive javaArchive = ShrinkWrap.create(JavaArchive.class, "datasource-test.jar"); javaArchive.addClasses(BeanInterceptor.class); javaArchive.addClasses(DatasourceServiceRemote.class, DatasourceSessionBean.class); javaArchive.addClasses(AlcatrazUser.class, DataTransferObject.class); javaArchive.addClasses(AlcatrazDAO.class, MatchMode.class); javaArchive.addAsManifestResource("META-INF/persistence.xml", "persistence.xml"); javaArchive.addAsManifestResource("META-INF/MANIFEST.MF", "MANIFEST.MF"); // javaArchive.addPackages(true, "org.slf4j"); // javaArchive.addPackages(true, "org.jboss.logmanager"); System.out.println(javaArchive.toString(true)); return javaArchive; }

      @EJB(mappedName = "java:app/datasource-test/DatasourceSessionBean")
      private DatasourceServiceRemote datasourceService;

      public void testGetByRoid()

      { AlcatrazUser alcatrazUser = datasourceService.getByRoid("2531781"); assertNotNull("Result should not be null.", alcatrazUser); }


      -> A manifest.mf is added containing 'Dependencies: org.slf4j'

      When running the test "as a junit test", slf4j is found and logging works.

      When the tests are executed from maven lifecycle, I get a ClassNotFoundException org.slf4j.Logger and the test fails.
      By adding dependencies to org.slf4j and org.jboss.logmanager to the pom and by adding them to the ShrinkWrap archive (see the two commented lines), the test works, although no logging is done.

      Dependencies to modules in manifest.mf should also be recognized when the tests are run from maven.

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