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Tomcat managed containers should start and stop Tomcat using the standard run scripts




      The standard Tomcat run scripts contain a fair little bit of logic and features:

      • Multiple instance support (requiring the proper merging of resources from CATALINA_BASE and CATALINA_HOME).
      • Logging configuration.
      • Running with or without a security manager.
      • Support for configuration in the 'setenv' script.
      • Endorsed and temp directory configuration.
      • Launching with JPDA related configuration.
      • OS variant and TTY related configuration on UNIX.

      By building the Java command to launch Tomcat directly the current CommonTomcatManagedContainer forgoes the standard implementation of all this. There is a growing history of bug reports and feature requests that suggest this may not be the best approach:

      • ARQ-628 - Tomcat managed throws NullPointerException when application under test brings weld-servlet dependency
      • ARQ-866 - Allow catalina.base to be configured separately from catalina.home in the Tomcat managed adapters
      • ARQ-1650 - Managed container bypasses tomcat jul setup
      • ARQ-1843 - Tomcat managed container ignores javaHome configuration
      • ARQ-1846 - Support configuration of the Tomcat system classpath from managed containers
      • ARQ-1847 - Support specifying JMX RMI server port

      Rather than reinventing the wheel here, we should just launch and stop Tomcat with the standard run script for the current OS, exposing it's environment variable-driven configuration via arquillian.xml and the CommonTomcatManagedConfiguration. This will:

      • Add all the missing features and logic.
      • Be simpler and presumably cheaper to maintain over trying to mirror the standard scripts.
      • Encourage better fidelity between managed containers and their production counterparts (e.g. identical CATALINA_BASE and CATALINA_HOME merging, as well as setenv script support).


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