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Performance drops > 300%


      I updated my Arquillian environment to 1.1.0-Final, Arq persistence ext 1.0.0a6 and Arq 1.0.0a3 FROM Arq 1.0.1, persistence 1.0.0a5 (no tx ext in that env since it was part of the persistence ext) and my Arquillian persistence tests which deploy to a managed Glassfish container take over 3x as long as they did in the old environment.

      For example one test which took 13s to run in the old environment now takes 44s.

      This slow down only seems to affect tests which use the persistence extension.

      Arquillian tests which do not use the persistence extension take the same amount of time as they did in the old environment. If I switch the environment back I see the performance goes back up for persistence extension tests.

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