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Script can not insert unix path separator '/' into the DB


      I have a test class which try to insert a unix path value in the DB on schema creation:



      public class UserTest {

      Th the ScriptExecutor introduced in 1.0.0.Alpha6 will iron out the '/' character from the path on insert - like in the following small example:

      public class main {
      public static void main(String[] args) {
      final String ANSI_SQL_COMMENTS_PATTERN = "--.|//.|(?s)/\\\\*.*?\\\\*/|(?s)


      String script = "INSERT INTO config (name, value) VALUES ('path', '/home/sbodo/test.txt');";
      System.out.println(script.replaceAll(ANSI_SQL_COMMENTS_PATTERN, ""));

      Output is:
      INSERT INTO config (name, value) VALUES ('path', 'sbodo/test.txt');
      instead of:
      INSERT INTO config (name, value) VALUES ('path', '/home/sbodo/test.txt');

      Tested with Jboss 7.1.1 and Postgres 9.1.
      The test worked fine in 1.0.0.Alpha5.

            sbodo Sandor Bodo-Merle (Inactive)
            sbodo Sandor Bodo-Merle (Inactive)
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