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Draft spec extension for altering file modes of projected binding data


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      Story (Required)

      As an OpenShift user, I want to be able to change the file modes of projected binding data using the specification API.

      Background (Required)

      Issue #1157 pointed out a deficiency in both the specification and the CoreOS API: it's currently not possible to change the file modes of the data SBO projects solely through a ServiceBinding.  APPSVC-1127 captures the effort to resolve this in the CoreOS API; this story captures the effort to move this upstream to the spec.


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      In Scope

      Drafting an extension to the specification that allows users to change the modes of their projected data through a ServiceBinding.


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      Edge Case

      Should a service binding provide granularity at the file level or the directory level?

      Acceptance Criteria

      Propose to the spec an extension enabling this behavior, allowing users to specify a file mode for projected service binding information. This should an issue.

      INVEST Checklist

      Dependencies identified
      Blockers noted and expected delivery timelines set
      Design is implementable
      Acceptance criteria agreed upon
      Story estimated



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