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Close Spec 1.0 gaps in SBO


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      Service Binding Spec 1.0 is out and there are still a few things that might not make us compliant


      Make sure that SBO is compliant with the spec 1.0

      Why is it important?

      Reduce number of issues we will get as people star using SBO and they encounter the gaps.

      Use cases

      As a developer I will like for my workloads with labels that match an SBO CR label selector to be projected with binding data even if my workloads are created after the SBO CR is created.
      As a developer I will like my workloads to be bound even after I replace them or update them.

      Acceptance criteria

      1. Make sure that SBO reconciles all changes to workloads even after the first successful binding action.

      Dependencies (External/Internal)

      Design Notes

      Consider performance as an important non-functional requirement. We need to have a performance test suite ready to run on specifics commits with changes to the reconcile logic.



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