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Create Quarkus Backend for DashBuilder Runtime


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    • 2021 Week 22-24 (from May 31), 2021 Week 25-27 (from Jun 21), 2021 Week 28-30 (from Jul 12)
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      Create a quarkus backend for DashBuilder Runtime. It should result in a new application for DashBuilder runtime which would make use of Quarkus features to implement the backend:


      1) Specific Errai CDI/ Uberfire backend services should be replaced by Quarkus extension capabilities;

      2) Configure maven correctly to export the Web assets to Quarkus Web dir;

      3) Security configuration should be ported from web.xml to use Quarkus application.properties configuration;

      4) Make sure to use quarkus and microprofile features, such as MIcroprofile Configuration and quarkus extensions for REST services

      5) Eliminate pieces of the system that would not be useful with Quarkus, e.g. Gson.






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