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Dashbuilder Standalone Bundle MVP


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      As a Dashbuilder user, I want to author my dashboards in one place, being BC or Dashbuilder web app, and be able to export a self-contained bundle able to run my dashboards in another environment.

      It should be also nice to provide users a feature that allows users to select which pages/datasets they want to export. This is useful in the following scenarios:

      • A BC user has multiple pages/datasets registered on bc, and just want to import a subset of them;
      • A user has on BC some 'samples page' to use as starting point to other pages (with a save as), then he will be able to export just the custom pages for other users.

      The exported dashboards should be imported in the new module (war) called 'dashbuilder runtimes'. This runtime is a self-contained app able to import and run a dashbuilder authored on BC.

      There are some ways to import a dashbuilboard in the runtime:

      On this stage, a runtime can only import one dashboard. In future improvements, we will add the capability of multi dashboard imports to the same runtime instance.

      On this MVP, this runtime app will have no authentication and will generate the menus either via navigation (if it's exported) or it will auto-generate them.

      This MVP doesn't cover any cloud deployment strategy. The dashbuilder runtimes will be only available via a war at this stage.
      This MVP also doesn't cover KIE server integration, that will be covered by AF-2473.

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