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Consolidate kie-drools-wb and kie-wb into single Business Central distribution



      Acceptance criteria: Two distributions (kie-drools-wb, kie-wb) are removed and both of them are consolidated in a single web application.

      TODO Clarify if kie-wb-monitoring and optaplanner-wb will be included in this effort.

      TODO Clarify what's going to happen with community names (kie workbench / drools workbench). Are we getting rid of these for good and bringing the community nomenclature closer to the product (both community and workbench will use business-central? How about product distinction business vs. decision central)?

      TODO Clarify how will the turning off kie-wb only features work, in other words how do we configure kie-wb to work like kie-drools wb (this will be critical from product side of things, as they will still need to be provided as separate product). And how will the functionality be disabled? Will it be at build time (by not including some modules at all) or at runtime (by some configuration in the war)?

      TODO Make complete list of artifacts being renamed (for example: "org.kie:kie-wb-monitoring-webapp" -> "org.kie:business-monitoring-webapp") and artifacts being removed. This will be crucial because 1. we're testing the content of maven repository 2. our tests depend on some of these artifacts, so we want to avoid total chaos when refactoring.

      TODO what other things are getting renamed (kie-wb.war -> ?, names of the applications (what is displayed in html>title) - we rely on stuff like this in selenium tests).

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