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Push Integration Quickstart (Server)


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      Beyond the Hello-World, we wanted some different quickstarts. The "server" components that come to mind would be:

      *Secured CRUD + Push Integration (Java Sender)

        • JAX-RS + PicketLink
        • SpringMVC/Spring Security
        • JAX-RS/PL + Apache Camel

      These need to function on both JBoss AS 7.X and EAP.

      josh-6 from the JDF team, has already said he wants to help on the server projects (especially the JAX-RS/PL and Spring ones).

      Note: Josh already has a simple backend started that is used in JDF quickstarts that would be good to re-use to make it easier for developers to transition from one to other. This backend provides a simple REST endpoints to mange contacts : https://github.com/jboss-developer/jboss-wfk-quickstarts/tree/2.6.x-develop/contacts-mobile-basic

      The goal would be the SERVER acts same to outside (identical REST endpoints, difference is only an impl. detail (e.g. JavaEE vs. Spring vs. Camel))

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