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Store the IDs of the service bindings in the UPS mobile client secret


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      A UPS variant is created through a service binding on the Openshift side and represented through a ups variant secret (labeled in a way that can be queried).

      When a variant is deleted in UPS we need to trigger the unbind action to remove the binding. For this we need to delete the service binding instance. For this we need a way to link the ups variant secret to a service binding instance.

      As of OS 3.10 we the bind role has access to the service binding ID (https://github.com/openshift/ansible-service-broker/pull/883) and can add that information to the binding secret.

      The UPS sidecar should then take this information from the secret and add it to the mobile client UPS variant secret. There can be multiple variants associated with one secret, so we need a way to store multiple service binding IDs too (possibly using annotations).

      This requires an update of the unifiedpush-apb and the sidecar.

            pbraun@redhat.com Peter Braun
            pbraun@redhat.com Peter Braun
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