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Fix the duplicate API and correct the API names.


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      There are 3 things we expect to be change under: https://github.com/stolostron/rhacm-docs/blob/2.10_stage/apis/api.adoc

      #1 the https://github.com/stolostron/rhacm-docs/blob/2.10_stage/apis/clusterset.json.adoc#clustersets-api and https://github.com/stolostron/rhacm-docs/blob/2.10_stage/apis/managedclusterset.json.adoc#managedclusterset-api  are actually points to one API managedclusterset. We expect remove the duplication link.
      The managedclusterset is a cluster scoped CR, so description in this page is not accurate as well.

      #2 Change Clusters API to ManagedClusters API https://github.com/stolostron/rhacm-docs/blob/2.10_stage/apis/cluster.json.adoc#clusters-api

      #3 Change ClusterSetBindings API to ManagedClusterSetBindings API https://github.com/stolostron/rhacm-docs/blob/2.10_stage/apis/clustersetbinding.json.adoc#clustersetbindings-api

      Renaming is aim to avoid misunderstanding in the future, the #1 should be fixed in both 2.9 and 2.10, the #2 and #3 can only be fixed in 2.10.

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       - Use the Customer Portal: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_advanced_cluster_management_for_kubernetes

       - Use the GitHub link to find the staged docs in the repository: https://github.com/stolostron/rhacm-docs 

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