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[ Documentation ] scale_nodepool_hosted_bm, mandatory parameter is missing from the documentation


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      Documentation is not updated, a mandatory parameter --node-upgrade-type is not mentioned

      following the documentation from here fails :

      Trying to run :
      (.venv) [kni@ocp-edge77 ocp-edge-auto_cluster]$ hcp create nodepool agent   --cluster-name $CLUSTER_NAME   --name $NODEPOOL_NAME   --node-count $WORKER_COUNT 

      Renault in an err:
        3.    spec.management.upgradeType: Unsupported value: "": supported values: "Replace", "InPlace"

         (.venv) [kni@ocp-edge77 ocp-edge-auto_cluster]$ hcp create nodepool agent --help 
      Creates basic functional NodePool resources for Agent platformUsage:
        hcp create nodepool agent [flags]Flags:
        -h, --help   help for agentGlobal Flags:
            --cluster-name string             The name of the HostedCluster nodes in this pool will join. (default "example")
            --name string                     The name of the NodePool.
            --namespace string                The namespace in which to create the NodePool. (default "clusters")
            --node-count int32                The number of nodes to create in the NodePool. (default 2)
            --node-upgrade-type UpgradeType   The NodePool upgrade strategy for how nodes should behave when upgraded. Supported options: Replace, InPlace
            --release-image string            The release image for nodes; if this is empty, defaults to the same release image as the HostedCluster.
            --render                          Render output as YAML to stdout instead of applying.
      (.venv) [kni@ocp-edge77 ocp-edge-auto_cluster]

      This seems to be the correct syntax :

      (.venv) [kni@ocp-edge77 ocp-edge-auto_cluster]$ hcp create nodepool agent   --cluster-name $CLUSTER_NAME   --name $NODEPOOL_NAME   --node-count $WORKER_COUNT --node-upgrade-type Replace
      NodePool hosted-0-extra-cpu created
      (.venv) [kni@ocp-edge77 ocp-edge-auto_cluster]$



      More details are here  

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